Camp Underground

Get ready to explore our rubber world under the grounds

Step into a world of tantalizing exploration and captivating experiences at the upcoming Barcelona Rubber Weekend 2023’s Camp Underground!
Brace yourselves for an adventure like no other, where your rubber fetish dreams come alive in a realm of workshops, games, and much more. With an array of attractions to indulge in, this promises to be a weekend that you won’t soon forget.

What to expect

Vacbed and Vac Cube Extravaganza: Explore the sensory delight of the vacbed and vac cube, where you can experience the exquisite sensation of becoming a helpless rubber being as the vacuum holds you tightly into place.

Workshops that Elevate: Sharpen your skills and expand your horizons with workshops that will make you master the craft of latex.

Market: Discover a treasure trove of rubber-related merchandise at the market. From unique fashion pieces to exquisite accessories, you’re bound to find something that resonates with your desires.
Artisans and second hand market available

Animations and Games: Immerse yourself in animations and games that celebrate the spirit of rubber fetishism. Engage with interactive experiences that stimulate your imagination and creativity.

Vivishine Station: Shine yourself up and let us shine you!

Escape Room Challenge: Engage your mind and embrace the thrill of the unknown in the escape room challenge. Will you be able to escape in less than 5 minutes?