Berlin Ready

We are ready for the Berlin Fest:

We hope to see you during Folsom where we will be making a toast on Friday 8th at 17:00. These are the rubber events we found happening in Berlin:Rubber Toast 8th September 17hBoxer Berlin  Eisenacher Str. 11

Rubber Party Mutschmanns 8th September 20hMotzstrasse 30

Rubber Lust at Scheune Berlin. 8th September 21h Beautiful Berlin Motzstrasse 25

Misters at Folsom:
Rubber Spain Ambassador:  Nando Rey: 12-14h Axel Hotel entrance

Mister Rubber Netherlands: Dante Woods: 14-16h Axel Hotel entrance

Rubber Meet & Greet
BLF stage at Street Fair. 
With DJ Mu DeltaGummi at Lab.oratory 9th September entry only 22-00hAm Wriezener Banhof

Have a good one !