19h Exhib

Vernissage Photographic Exhibition

Mahi Toi Studio. Villaroel 75

This year's exhibition will showcase work that challenges the audience or artist to "cross the line."

19h30 Social

Warm-up Drinks

Boxer Café Bar - Diputació 169

Change into your rubber mood. Pick up your welcome pack and start meeting everyone in a relaxed atmosphere.

All fetish are welcome.

22h Social <30

Rubber in the Dark <30

Berlin Dark - Passatge Prunera 18

Our desire is to provide a safe space for young kinksters and make it easy for them to meet other people like themselves so they can expand their network.

22h30 Party

Rubber in the Dark

Berlin Dark - Passatge Prunera 18

Berlin Dark is the hostess to open the first big party of the rubber weekend. The best time to enjoy the darkness and a relaxed atmosphere.

Rubber attire is recommended for this event.

All fetish are welcome except nudity.

12h Social

Walking Tour with Kilker

H10 Casanova - Gran Via 559

A pleasant atmosphere to start the day and walk through the old town of our beloved city with the company of the charismatic Kilker.

Casual or fetish attire. Masks that cover the face completely or show the ass are not allowed.

14h Lunch

Lunch in community

Casa Jaime - Consell de Cent 222

A traditional meal, full of tapas and rubber boys in one of the most popular restaurants in the Eixample.

Not included in the Weekend Pass. Price range: 13-18€. Dress code: Casual or fetish.

16h Social


Boxer Barcelona - Diputació 182

Enjoy the experience of being immobilized in a vac bed, have your photo taken at our photocall or have your costume shined with our Vivishine station.

17h30 Tour

Christmas Light Bus

H10 Casanova - Gran Via 559

Jump aboard our glass-roofed Christmas bus and enjoy a fun tour around the streets of Barcelona to see all the lights that have been turned on to welcome the rubber weekend.

Código de vestimenta: Casual o Fetish

19h Social
19h30m Social <30

Welcome Rubber Club <30

Venue to determinate


21h Social

Leather vs Rubber Social

Boxer Bar Cafe - Diputació 169

Are you more leather or rubber, show it to the community.Enjoy this amazing atmosphere where you can meet people from all walks of life.

Although Rubber or Leather is recommended for this event, all fetish are welcome.

22h Party


Berlin Dark - Passatge Prunera 18

The moment has arrived when you can show off your rubber in one of the most legendary bars in Barcelona in an atmosphere where Vivishine will be splashed everywhere.

Strict dress code: Rubber.

This activity is only valid with the Weekend Pass or Weekend Pass < 30 

12h30 Tour

Rubber Walk - Rubber is Pride

H10 Casanova - Gran Via 559

Show our Rubber pride through Barcelona's gay neighborhood (Gayxample).

Dress code: Casual or fetish. Masks that cover the face completely or show the ass will not be allowed.

13h15 Social


Venue to be determined.

Once the Rubber Walk is over.

Hydrate after a long rubber walk.

17h Workshop

Camp Underground

H10 Casanova - Gran Via 559

The high point of this edition of the #BRW22. Have the opportunity to take some pictures, to take a good shine at our Vivishine station.  Enjoy our workshops, second hand market, games, mummification and different vacbeds.

Dresscode: Rubber

19h30 Contest

Rubber Spain Ambassador Contest

H10 Casanova Convention Center (Basement) - Gran Via 559

At the end of Camp Underground the election of the new Rubber Spain Ambassador will begin. Help us choose who it will be.

21h Social

Black Night Social

Boxer Café Bar - Diputació 169

Let's celebrate and cheers to the new Rubber Spain Ambassador

All fetish people are welcome.

23h Party

BeFake Rubber

M7 Club - Mexic 7

Our new party to dance and enjoy the best fetish atmosphere in town.

Dress code: Rubber

12h Brunch


Venue to determinate

Price range: 15-20€.

Casual dresscode

14h Exhib

Art & Mimosas

Mahi Toi Studio - Villaroel 75

Mimosas, smiles or terrible faces surrounded by pieces of art that you can take home.

In addition to the mimosas there will be non-alcoholic beverages.

16h Social

Christmas Celebration

Boxer Café Bar - Diputació 169

The perfect evening, cakes and champagne for everyone plus the lighting of our special Christmas tree.

There will be the possibility to store the suitcases.

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